How Wine and Coffee Resemble Each Other

Whether it be an americano or a latte, a red or white, we’ve always got something to help us unwind after a long day of work. Why is it that we turn coffee and wine so often and how are these two similar to each other?

The caffeine in coffee and alcohol in wine both affect our brains and mood when consumed. When we drink a single cup of coffee, specific neurotransmitters in our body react to the caffeine and increase our norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin levels. Alcohol in wine does something similar and increases our opioid peptides, dopamine, and serotonin levels too! The transmitters act as mood changers and relieve depression and migraine headaches, makes us more relaxed, alert, and energetic. People often prefer one over the other when they are looking for the most effective way to loosen up. It has even recently become a popular trend to combine coffee with wine for the best of both worlds.

How Coffee and Wine are Similar

Although they’re two completely different substances, coffee and wine share certain similarities that go beyond affecting our overall mood. Just like we need our cup of coffee in the morning to start the day ahead of us, we also need our glass of wine to end the night after a stressful day. If you love both, keep in mind that drinking them in moderation is an important factor to take into account. Both have a range of variations that allow them to have different tastes and be made in different ways. There are multiple methods of making coffee, many types of beans to choose from, and endless combinations to create, each giving us a different texture that is filled with exciting flavors.

Like coffee, wine has an array of different kinds and styles available as well. The type of soil, quality of environment, and atmosphere that the grape trees are grown in have an effect on the different tastes and aromas that come from wine. To create good tasting products, both trees need to be in mountainous regions because they flourish better there. Similar terms are used to describe the tastes and aromas of coffee and wine. Aroma, body, mouthfeel, and acidity are all common words that are used by coffee and wine connoisseurs around the world. Both coffee and wine also have a stronger taste when they are aged and aging them actually allow the beverages to be heightened as it gives a different overall taste.

How Coffee and Wine are Different


Although coffee and wine are very similar to each other, they do have their differences which is why we love them both. One gives us more of an energetic vibe, while the other gives us the tranquility that we desire. In the coffee world, the aroma of the brew is so crucial because it enhances the flavors of the specialty coffee. On the other hand, in the winery world, a bottle or glass of wine needs to be decanted so that the aromas can be aerated in order for it to be considered “good”. Coffee can also be easily distributed and packaged in lighter and smaller packages. Wine, on the other hand, being already in liquid form, is much heavier to transport around.


Which is More Complex?

Studies have shown that coffee is starting to become a bit more complex than its long-time superior, wine. It seems that coffee has recently turned into a complicated muddle of terms that some barely know or understand. In terms of coffee jargon, we now need to know more words for a simple cup than we could have ever imagined. There are so many different terms for types of coffee beans, styles of coffee brews, and even names for cup sizes that we have had to adapt to just to order a cup. This is why we want to make it easier for you to love coffee. One of our goals at Trove Coffee is to help people enjoy coffee more easily, so if you ever have a question about anything we’re always willing to explain if you ask us!

Coffee is certainly becoming more of a complex substance, especially with its new wave of coffee options like cold brew and nitro coffee. Wine is still at the top of the complexity list in terms of beverages, but coffee is quickly and creeping up to dethrone wine from the top of the list. We think that like with wine, quality coffee shouldn’t be so complicated to understand and shop for. One thing is for certain though, both coffee and wine can remind us of memories and take us back to our favorite and most nostalgic moments. They make us feel comfortable and satisfied during the roughest times of our day.

When you’re looking for a fresh cup of drip, a chilled macchiato, or a frothy latte, we’re here for you. If instead, you’re looking for a nice glass of wine, we’ve got rotating bottles of bubbly Rosé, rich reds, and light whites to compliment any mood. We boast a huge list of locally brewed coffee beverages and a rotating list of beautiful hand-selected wines. So whether you’re looking to start your day or end your night, at Trove Coffee we’ve got it all!