Local Coffee Shop

Think Local, Think Trove

As mentioned before, the month of July is known locally as Independents Month! It’s a time for us to celebrate local businesses in our community by supporting them over big chain retail stores. For example, choosing to purchase your daily cup of coffee at an independently owned shop versus a big chain shop. Don’t get me wrong Starbucks isn’t necessarily bad, but local coffee shops will always be better than big chain coffee shops in my opinion. There’s just something special about visiting independent, local coffee shops in Bellingham, finding the “right” one for you, trying something new, and knowing you are supporting the community.


During my time living here in Bellingham I’ve visited a lot of little coffee shops around town. These independent shops are so unique and individualized that it’s hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere of each one. They all have their own specialty drinks and food in addition to the standard coffee items that are always available. At local coffee shops, you get the perfect aroma and vibe that you’re looking for as well as more locally sourced drink options and exceptional customer service. If I ever need to get my caffeine fix or I’m looking for a place to sit and unwind, I visit a local coffee shop like Trove Coffee.


At Trove we value excellent quality, sustainability, and customer service above everything else. Our work is a reflection of who we are and we definitely take pride in being able to serve our customers while supporting our community at the same time. We truly care about this community and the people that support us so we invest time in giving back as much as possible. We work with and hire people that are like-minded and are especially skilled at what they do. When it comes to having an outstanding overall coffee experience we’ve got you covered. If you’ve passed by us before and still haven’t given us a visit, please do, we promise you won’t be disappointed!


– MQ