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Try Something New This Year, Coffee Connoisseurs!

New Year, New Coffee

As coffee consumers, the possibilities for how you drink your coffee are endless! You can order everything from a standard black drip coffee to an iced skim milk hazelnut macchiato, with an extra shot, light ice, and no whip. There are many syrup flavors and new milk alternatives being introduced, different coffee roasts and strengths, as well as innovative ways to create latte art. The coffee experience has truly expanded like never before and is becoming even more creative as the years go by. What specific coffee trends are rising in popularity and what will we see more of in 2019? Check out our list below so you can try something new in 2019. Here are some of the coffee trends for the upcoming year:

Cold Brew Coffee

As mentioned before, cold brew is more than just iced coffee. Cold brew is essentially coffee grounds that are steeped in room temperature water which produces a concentrate and is often diluted with water and served over ice. One reason it’s been growing in popularity is that it’s characterized by a sweeter, fuller bodied taste with less acidity. It’s also easy to bottle, very convenient to carry, and ideal for on-the-go coffee consumers. With cold brew coffee sales rising by 80% in 2017, it’s obvious that it’s a popular choice in the US.  Additionally, since cold brew is easier to brew in large batches, there’s no reason that coffee shops shouldn’t offer cold brew!

Nitro Cold Brew

Coffee shops are beginning to look more like pubs by offering coffee on tap. Nitro cold brew is a relatively new type of coffee that is nitrogen infused which provides a cool, smooth beverage that is served on tap. It actually has a similar appearance and texture to that of a pint of beer. The nitrogen gas in this type of coffee is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes in it. As high-pressure forces the cold brew through, it creates a creamy, stout-like consistency that has a silky mouthfeel. In the US, coffee giants have recently introduced nitro cold brew coffee to their drink lineup making it very likely that other chains and smaller independent shops will follow.

Ethical Coffee

Sustainable, eco-friendly, and all around ethical practices seem to be on everyone’s agenda and the coffee industry has definitely taken notice. From biodegradable supplies to green production practices, coffee companies are making great improvements towards ethical commitments. It was recently discovered that coffee consumers, particularly millennials, are very much influenced by ethical certificates and purchase coffee if they know that the process is environmentally friendly and the workers involved are fairly treated and paid well. It’s very likely that coffee shops will begin to invest more time and effort in ethical coffee and products which means less plastic and more reusable, recyclable products!

Alternative Milk

Recently, the trend for non-dairy drinks and milk-substitute products that fit lifestyles like veganism, and conditions such a lactose intolerance, has grown and is rapidly affecting the food industry and coffee shop industry. We’re already seeing more milk variations on coffee shop menus. Soy, almond, hemp, rice, coconut, and oat milk are just a few of the types of alternative milk that are currently being consumed. As time goes on, alternative milk will likely grow in availability and popularity in coffee shops all around the US. With greater knowledge and creativity around how baristas use alternative milk, specialty drinks will likely evolve as well.

Coffee Trends in 2019

Most of these new trends are ones we are already taking part in. We offer sustainably sourced and locally roasted coffee, environmentally friendly and compostable products, various types of alternative milk, and a killer cold brew. With all of these options and customization techniques, what else can be done for the coffee industry and what does the future hold for coffee enthusiasts? We’re excited to share new experiences and our journey with our customers and look forward to a great new year! From all of us at Trove Coffee we hope you have a Happy New Year!


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