French Press

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Brief History of the French Press

Let’s take a look at the brewing device that is perhaps the most popular and most used method across households in the US today. Many of us have one at home, or at least know somebody who does. The French Press coffee maker is a wonderful invention because it’s very affordable, easy to use, and produces delectable cups of coffee too. So, what exactly is French Press Coffee and what is its origin? Well, the history of the French Press goes back many years, but there is some disagreement as to who invented the design that most models are based on today. Regardless, the first patent for a coffee making device that resembles the modern French Press was issued to a man by the name of Attilio Callimani in 1928.

Many claim that the person responsible for the creation of the French press was a man from France who attached a fine screen to his coffee pot to avoid getting grounds in his cup when he poured it. A similar device started being used around France in the 1800s until word eventually got around about this new brewing method. Once the device arrived in Italy, the Italians modified it slightly, named it a cafetiere, and it was later patented by Callimani. In 1958, a man named Faleiro Bondanini devised a new and improved version of the French Press device that had an enhanced type of filter and was more effective at keeping coffee grounds out of a poured cup of coffee.

The Modern French Press

Today the French Press can be considered an entry-level method of brewing coffee. It’s relatively easy to use for beginners and known by people who may not be into specialty coffee either. Whether you view it as a simple method or not, there are certain steps that can be taken to create an extraordinary cup of coffee. Take into consideration the small details that go into brewing such as the freshness of the beans, the consistency of the grind, and the temperature of the water you use during immersion. It’s also best to pour any remaining coffee out of the pot once it’s done brewing. Many people claim that the best way to brew French Press coffee is done in borosilicate glass because it’s highly durable and quite reliable.

The borosilicate glass French Press has a great and long-lasting reputation as well because it’s the same type of press that was initially distributed by Bodum in the 1950s. Stainless steel models are just as good, but they’re often a bit more expensive than the ones with glass carafes. No matter which type you choose, using a French Press to brew is superior to using an electric coffee maker because of the outstanding flavor and quality of coffee that it produces. The main advantage is that it retains more of the natural oils from the grounds and these oils are what gives coffee its finest taste. Millions of people around the world still prefer to use the French Press over other methods of brewing because of how intuitive it is. Stop by Trove Coffee today and try our delicious French Press coffee! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Want to learn how to brew French Press coffee at home? Check out the video below for an in-depth tutorial!