National Coffee Day and 1 Year Anniversary

Consider this a wake up call! Today September 29, 2018 is National Coffee Day and there’s a lot brewing for this special occasion. I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without my coffee and even if you’ve already had your first cup this morning go out and try something new. No matter how you enjoy your coffee, there are plenty of ways to celebrate:


1.)   Indulge in Coffee Culture: Call a friend and meet up to chat over a cup of coffee or spend some quality family time over a pot of your favorite blend. Arrange a meeting with your colleagues at a local coffee house to enjoy the atmosphere and time outside of the office.


2.)   Try a New Brew:  If you typically drink black coffee, maybe try a latte. If you normally drink hot cappuccinos? Switch it up with a cold brew! You can add different flavored syrups or spices too for a hint of sweetness. There are many ways to switch up your routine and if you’re really looking for something new try our Pumpkin Tea Latte!  This beautiful blend is similar to a Chai latte but made with black pumpkin tea. It’s delicious!


3.)   Do a DIY Coffee Project: Coffee can wake you up in the early mornings or give you an afternoon pick me up, but did you know your used grounds are great for much more? Take the time to use your coffee grounds to fertilize your plants, repel pests, or even as a face mask!


At Trove Coffee it truly is National Coffee Day every day and since it’s also our 1 year anniversary, why not celebrate with a fresh cup of coffee today? We’ll have free drip coffee all day long with several different brews to be enjoyed! As well as $4 mimosas and special, limited Wake N Bakery treats including coffee flavored whoopie pies, mini pies, and coffee cake.


From the hardworking farmers that grow our coffee to the baristas that make your drink, the path our coffee takes to get to your cup is a long one and touches many lives throughout. Our impact on the community will continue to be of utmost importance to us and our coffee will continue to be sustainably sourced and locally roasted in beautiful Bellingham, WA.


Thank you to all our customers that helped us grow over the past year and to the entire Trove Team for creating such a great environment for our customers! So, come on into Trove Coffee today, say hello to one of our baristas, enjoy a free cup of our delicious coffee & help us spread kindness one cup at a time. -MQ