Keto Coffee Armored Aztec

Keto Coffee Option Now Available

Start Your Morning Off Right with Armored Aztec

You’ve probably met someone who swears by keto coffee or maybe that person is even you! If you’ve never heard of keto coffee however and are wondering what it is, we’re here to tell you a little bit about it. While caffeine can make you alert and also boosts your metabolism, it’s often times a short-lived feeling. Just like the food you put into your body, the quality of your coffee and the ingredients that go into it matters too. A regular cup of coffee can spike your energy then drain it quickly, but this can give you an advantage!


Keto coffee is not your average cup of coffee, it was created by Dave Asprey as a way to burn fat and boost energy in the mornings. After years of fiddling with a coffee recipe, Asprey arrived at a creamy and energy igniting beverage that has become popular in recent years among keto diet advocates. Asprey introduced his concoction in 2009, suggesting people drink the beverage instead of eating breakfast, promising that it reduces appetite, promotes weight loss by triggering ketosis, and has “massive impact on cognitive function”.


Recently we’ve introduced our own version of this coffee beverage for you to try for yourself. Trove Coffee’s very own Armored Aztec consists of mainly coffee, MCT oil, ghee, and cocoa, all made from scratch! It has a little spice kick from a dash of cayenne as well. It’s designed to be a great alternative to breakfast when you may not have the time to eat in the morning and can also help to increase your energy. It’s very high in calories and fat which is why it’s recommended that it replaces a meal and not drunk with a meal, which would lead to consumption of excess calories.


Our Armored Aztec is not a just fatty cup of coffee that’s intended to attract overwhelmed customers looking for the next big diet shortcut. It’s a hyper-efficient and power packed breakfast that’s meant to be a substitute for your high carbohydrate meal. Of course, our Armored Aztec is higher in fats than normal, but eating the right kind of natural fats can kick your food cravings. Fats can make you feel full quicker, which means you may find yourself eating less by adding more high quality, ketogenic fats to your diet. Try Armored Aztec today!