Routines and coffee and tea

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Keep Those Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep, but a simple cup of coffee just might be the key to your success this year. In today’s fast-paced world of smartphones and instant information, the most difficult challenge for a lot of us is to take a few minutes out of every day to unplug. A morning routine that includes even just fifteen minutes of reading, writing, reflecting, or meditating can work wonders on your mood and the rest of your day!

The best thing to have on hand for those quiet moments is a hot cup of coffee or tea. Although coffee and tea are not just morning drinks, there are certain characteristics about them that make us identify them with our morning routines. Adding coffee or tea to your morning routine can help by making you focus and ensure that your resolutions for self-improvement and reflection falls into line as well. Associating coffee or tea with your new morning routine makes it that much easier to fall into each and every day!

Connect Over Coffee and Tea

After the holidays more of your day probably involves interacting with fewer people on a personal level especially when your days consist of work and school. That feeling of disconnectedness is widespread with many Americans feeling emotionally disconnected at the beginning of the new year. Fortunately coffee and tea are the perfect tools to create more social connections with others at work, school, and on the go.

They really give us a good reason to tear ourselves away from our screens, make more human interaction, and start a real conversation with new people or old friends. You will find that a cup of coffee or tea is always better when there’s someone there to share it with and some good conversation. So phone a friend, schedule a meetup, and relax on a weekend to catch up in real-time. And if you frequent a café and see the same baristas every morning, don’t be shy about asking how their day’s been going and getting to know them.

Take Some Time For Yourself Too

We’re always in a rush, and every year, every day, every hour that goes by seems to go by quicker. Of course, it’s difficult to fit everything we want to do into our day, but just because we have a busy schedule doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make time for reflection. If you are the type to eat lunch at your desk and find that you’re scrambling all day to accomplish everything, try to find at least fifteen minutes out of every day to take yourself out for a coffee or tea date, and set aside a quiet moment to sip and think without any other distractions. Trove Coffee might just be the right place for it all!