Affogato, The Perfect Summer Treat!

Translated as drowned in Italian, the Affogato is a drink and a dessert all in one that’s made for coffee lovers everywhere. Although it is no longer new, it remains a simple yet delicious treat that is easily enjoyable any time of the year and is especially delightful on hot summer days. The combination of the strong, hot espresso with the cold, sweet ice cream is heavenly and can be whipped up in only a matter of minutes. How is it that something so easy to make is so divine? Let’s dive into what makes this treat special.


Well to begin, it’s crucial that the bowl or cup this concoction is served in is ice cold and that the ice cream has softened as little as possible so that the ice cream remains solid when the espresso is poured over it. While brewing the espresso add a couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream to your bowl or cup and once the espresso is done brewing, pour the shots directly over the ice cream. Enjoy this fantastic combination of hot coffee and cold ice cream in every spoonful immediately as it does melt quickly!


There’s something about an affogato that makes it such an ideal dessert whether you’re a coffee or ice cream lover. There’s not much involved in making one, just two ingredients that create something wonderfully complex and effortlessly complementary to each other. Given the small list of ingredients used, you’d think there would be a little variation in this dessert. I’ve had different experiences with affogatos around town, but regardless they’re always good. The worst one I’ve had arrived as a melted mess, forcing me to sip it like a soup.


However, the best one you could try is served at Trove Coffee because we follow the instructions as stated above. Made with a freshly brewed doppio of our very own espresso that’s poured over locally sourced Edaleen ice cream. A purist will choose vanilla ice cream, but we’ve also got coffee-flavored ice cream available for true coffee lovers. Next time you’re out and about on a hot summer day stop in and treat yourself to something simple, inexpensive, yet so fulfilling, you won’t regret it.


When it’s made correctly, it’s a complete tastes sensation.